Here's A New Trend: Crotch Charms

Underwear Hanging On a Line

Did you ever think to yourself that your old undies could use a little pizazz? I mean, most of us would probably just throw them out and upgrade to new ones. But now you can actually spice up your underwear with the crotch accessory you never knew you needed. Bodivas is a Japanese company that’s selling charms you can lace through the bottom of your undies so that little charms dangle down your legs on either side.

Why? I'm not really sure. But the trend is catching on a little and I'm intrigued. They come in all different designs all under $20. So you can spice up your crotch region even on a budget. That’s good news - I think. There’s just one thing that worries me - do we really want all that metal resting up against our junk?? I'm not so sure.


Source: Metro

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