How To Save On Back-To-School Shopping

Summer’s winding down and that means it’s time for back-to-school shopping once again. We’re not excited about it, but it’s a necessary evil that we have to spend money on every year. The only thing that could make back-to-school shopping better is saving a little money on it, so here are a few ways to keep your costs down.

  • Shop in your kids’ backpacks first - Before you buy all the new markers and crayons on your little one’s supply list, check around your house and in their backpack to see if you have glue sticks, scissors and such. Anything you can reuse saves you money.
  • Then, download apps for special discounts - Stores like Targetand Staples have apps that let you cash in on coupons by scanning the barcode in the store.
  • Sign up for e-newsletters or social media accounts for brands you love - Loyal customers who subscribe learn about special deals first.
  • Don’t forget about price matching - If they carry the brand, stores like Walmart and Best Buy will price match items that are cheaper at a similar store. Just show the store associate proof that it’s the exact same item and they should give you the same price.
  • Hit up the dollar store - You can get all kinds of things there for a lot less.
  • And don’t discount the perks of buying in bulk - If you have multiple kids to shop for or friends to split things with, buying in bulk can save you money.
  • Enlist your kids to help you save - Help your kids learn to budget by telling them how much they can spend and what they need to buy. You’ll still get final approval on purchases, but it helps them learn how far their money can go.

Source: PureWow