Fun Facts About Oreo Cookies

Who doesn’t love Oreos? We’re all for them dunked in milk, crushed up to make a pie crust, or just straight up. But no matter how you prefer the sandwich cookie, you probably don’t know the history of the Oreo. So here are a few fun facts to enlighten you.

  • No one knows the origin of the name “Oreo” - But according to one Oreo exec, the name looks like the two O-shaped cookies, with the two Os bookending the name as the two cookies bookend the cream. Others claim the “re” is from the “cream” filling.
  • Oreos aren’t the original - Turns out Hydrox is the OG cream-filled chocolate cookie. Those came out way back in 1908 and Oreos didn’t make their debut until 1912.
  • Double-Stuf aren’t filled with twice as much cream - They’re actually 86 times more stuffed than regular Oreos and the Mega Stuf cookies come with 2.68 times the filling.
  • Oreo has a ton of Facebook followers - Over 42-million and counting! Compare that to “The New York Times,” which only has 14 million.
  • Oreo’s first special flavor was Birthday Cake - They released it in 2012 to for their centennial celebration. But since then, Oreo has been releasing new flavors quarterly. Some of our favorites are the Mint and the Coconut Thins.