Our Sit Down With Local Artist Corrie Sabel

It's not everyday we get a chance to talk to someone live in the studio who is taking steps to chase their dreams. Today was one of those days. A few weeks ago, I received an email from a young listener I had never met. She informed me that she was a 19 year old singer, from Davenport and that she had just finished her first professional CD.

Now I receive emails from little known artists all the time, begging me to put them on the air. Not many of them are from right here in the Quad Cities though. But this young woman didn't even ask for that. She just asked if I would give her music a listen, and to provide feedback. She said that she dreamed of being a singer and doing radio interviews.

So I had her send me a couple of her songs, and I was blown away!!! She was really good!! I had to sit down and talk to her, only I don't do interviews on my show in the afternoon. Enter Facebook live!!

I had the pleasure to talk to Corrie Sabel earlier today in the studio. I found out about her inspirations, her professional influences, and where she wants to go in her music career. 

Her music is already available on all downloadable streaming services. She's working on putting a band together now, and will be performing around the QCA soon. Give her a listen. You won't be disappointed. You can also connect with her via social media HERE

If you missed our FB live video, here it is... 

And Corrie, when things really start happening, we just ask that you remember 101.3 Kiss FM. 

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