What You Eat Is Affecting Whether Women Think You’re Attractive

While men and women will spend lots of money on fancy perfumes and colognes to help attract the opposite sex, it turns out all anybody really has to do is watch what they eat.

In case you missed it, a new study suggests folks smell like what they eat, and certain odors can attract or turn off the opposite sex. For example, it turns out women are more attracted to the smell of men who eat fruits and veggies, while they are turned off by guys who consume refined carbs, like bread and pasta.

The study, out of Macquarie University in Australia, studied eating habits of a group of healthy men. They also judged the men’s skin using something called a spectrophotometer, which looks at hue of carotenoids, the plant pigments that are responsible for certain colored foods, which can indicate how much veggies and fruits are being eaten.

  • The men where then given new shirts to exercise in, and then those sweaty T-shirts were given to women to smell, and women consistently chose the guys who ate more veggies as the ones who smelled nicer. Interestingly, while big meat eaters had a more intense odor, the smell didn’t particularly cause a big reaction in women for the positive or negative.

Source: NPR

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