Here They Are: Fall Beauty Trends

Why is this trending

Now that summer’s winding down, it’s time to focus on fall. We know you want to stay on trend, so here are some of the looks that’ll be big this season.

  • Braided accents - Expect to see little, tiny braids down the middle of a part or a few throughout the hair as accents. These are a much more subtle version of getting your hair braided on an island vacation.
  • Dipped manicures - It’s like a French manicure with a modern twist. This technique has a splash of color at the tips and a little beyond, to create a “dipped” look.
  • Eye gloss - Put down your matte shadows and oil-controlling eyelid primers, because the dewy, glossy look is in for lids.
  • Short cuts - Pixies, blunt bobs, and close crops will be big this fall, making it a lot easier to style those tresses.
  • Smudged lips - This look is soft, natural and a little messy. To create it, use a lip balm then dap a little lip stain in the center of your pout and presto - smudged lips.
  • Middle waves - We’re all for this style, that’s basically what we were doing by accident when we fall asleep with our hair wet. Just keep the roots and ends of your strands straight and use a wand or curling iron to create some waves in the middle of your hair.

Source: PureWow

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