“Cream Soda” Is The Trendy New Fall Hair Color

There’s a new hair color trend for fall and this time it has nothing to do with pumpkin spice. This season’s hottest hair color is “Cream Soda.”

So what does this shade look like? Los Angeles-based hairstylist Sunnie Brook describes it as having “beige brown and warm gold tones to it. And she says it’s THE color her clients - who include Elisabeth Moss and America Ferrera - are asking for this season.

This hue can work well for both blondes and brunettes and the golden highlights in the “cream soda” color give that “lit-from-within” look we all love and want. Plus, since the blonde isn’t all-over, there’s less damage to the locks from bleaching.

So forget cereal-inspired hair, platinum blonde, or mother-of-pearl locks. This fall, the color to get is cream soda.

Source: Allure

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