Weird, But Useful Apps You Need

There’s totally an app for everything these days, which means it’s hard to even know what to search for and what an app can even help you with. There are apps that can measure things, send people money, help you become the Words With Friends champion of the world. Literally anything! Here are some seriously crazy but useful apps:

  • Run Pee - This one will tell you when it’s safe to get up from a movie and go to the bathroom without missing any major plot points.
  • Fake-A-Text - This app allows you to create fake message conversations between you and friends - need an emergency text to get out of a date? This is the app for you!
  • Kiwake Alarm Clock - This alarm clock forces you out of bed by requiring a picture of an object on the other side of the room and a short puzzle to wake up your brain. No more snooze button!
  • Carr Matey - Avoid parking tickets and remember where you parked your car! Set a parking timer and GPS your location so you always have it on hand.
  • Daily Water - Help stay hydrated with this app that will tell you when to drink water and how much throughout the day.

Sooner or later, we won’t have to think for ourselves at all anymore! But seriously - the more time I can spend thinking about what cocktail I want, the better. My phone can do the boring stuff.


Source: Bustle

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