Trying To Get A New Job? Try Crying At The Interview

During a job interview you definitely want them to remember you, and it turns out a few tears just may do the trick. While you may think that crying during the interview process would blow your chances at getting a job there are some folks who say it actually worked wonders.

Recently an Australian developer named Boon Carter revealed that he got emotional during an interview with the California video company, Naughty Dog. That “moment” came when he was describing how important it was to him as a gay man that the company’s game “The Last Us” featured a gay character. The tears apparently didn’t stand in his way of him getting the job, and actually may have helped with Boon noting, “Don’t underestimate authenticity. Be raw, be vulnerable, be real.”

Of course, it doesn’t always work, with many employers turned off by candidates who turn on the waterworks. One employer noted that tears could show that the person doesn’t have the “emotional makeup” for a job, while other employers noted that the few times they did hire someone who cried they didn’t last long at the job.

So what should you do if the tears start flowing during an interview? Well, experts say you should take these steps to undo any lasting damage

  • Take a deep breath and compose yourself.
  • Own up to it, and explain why you got so emotional.
  • Reframe the situation and use the tears to show how passionate you are for a position.
  • Don’t leave the room, because even if you compose yourself it will be hard to recover.
  • Don’t fake it, because tears don’t usually work for people so unless you’re a professional actor nobody’s going to buy crocodile tears.

Source: New York Post

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