Sleep Position May Reveal A Lot About You

While we all want to get a good night’s sleep every night there are definitely things that prevent that from happening, and it turns out the position you sleep may be keeping you from feeling refreshed after a night of shuteye.

According to a new survey by mattress manufacturer Seely, folks who sleep in the so-called “Star Fish” position, where they are spread out on their back, are the most likely to wake up feeling refreshed (30%), followed by the freestyle sleeper, those who struggle to pick one position, (25%), those who sleep on the left side (23%), right side (22%) and on their stomachs (21.5%).

The survey also uncovered that how you sleep may actually reveal a lot about who you are. For example:

  • The “Leftie Lounger” - The most common sleep position (36%), folks who tend to sleep on the left are more likely to have college degrees, with most leftie sleepers falling within the ages of 45 and 54. 
  • The “Right Side Relaxer” - Makes up about 34% of sleepers, and they tend to be smokers and coffee drinkers, with most falling between the ages of 35 and 44
  • The “Stomach Slumpers” - Those who fall asleep face down land at about 12%, and tend to be the heaviest drinkers, and range in age from 45 to 54.
  • The “Freestyler” - Only about 10% of people fall into that category, and they are most likely to work in utilities. They tend to range in age from 35 to 44, with about four-fifths of them are actually female.
  • The “Star Fish” - Certainly the least popular sleeping position at only 8%, it is usually adopted by single folks who don’t share a bed, ranging in age between 25 and 34. They are also likely to work in transport and logistic positions.

Source: The Daily Mail

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