This Viral Shopping List is "Husband Proof"

Sometimes when you send your S.O. to the supermarket for you, they don’t come back with exactly what you asked for, even if it was written down. So one woman in India decided not to take chances when her hubby did the grocery shopping for her - she made him an incredibly detailed shopping list that’s now gone viral.

Era Londhe tweeted a photo of the extremely detailed list she handed her husband, which even included little drawings of the onions, spinach, and potatoes she wanted, as well as specific directions for choosing the best produce. She even gave him instructions about how to pick tomatoes and spinach with “no holes,” and drew a diagram in case the words didn’t make it clear.

The list got lots of attention from Twitter and Reddit users, most of them giving her props for her efforts and commiserating with her situation. Some even asked her to post more of her shopping lists online.

Londhe’s husband, Gaurav, even got in on the comments. When someone asked if his wife writes out all of her husband’s shopping lists like this, he admits that yep, they’re just as detailed. 

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