Selfie Tips You'll Love

How long do you usually spend in front of your front-facing camera trying to nail the perfect selfie? It’s probably more time than you’d like to admit! If only there was a way for us to take the perfect selfie every time. Luckily, “Seventeen’s” got a few tips for us that will help us take the best selfies we can every time:

  • Know your angles - If you know what angle you look best at going into it, you’ll cut out most of the guesswork.
  • Natural lighting is key - Natural lighting is the most flattering on any person. Period.
  • Take selfies in the morning - That’s when your face is clean, makeup is fresh, and you haven’t been exposed to the outside world yet. Selfie up!
  • Channel your inner model - Leave your shame at the door, people! It’s time to pout your lips and get your smize down!
  • Camera up - An upwards angle is much more flattering on your jawline.
  • Clean your room - If you’re going to showcase your bedroom, at least make sure it looks nice.
  • Pick a filter and stick with it - If you’ve found a filter you like, stick with it on every photo.
  • Wear sunglasses - Sunglasses selfies are flattering on everyone!

And at the end of the day, remember to really love yourself!



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