"Pimple Nails" Exist Now

The Internet is full of scary things and one of the grossest we’ve come across is a new nail look: “pimple nails.” They look as disgusting as you imagine and for some reason, they are a thing now, despite our gagging.

We can blame pimple nails on YouTube vlogger Natasha Lee, she’s the same artist who created Fidget Spinner nails - which are a lot less gross. We’re not even sure who would want to wear this manicure, except maybe fans of those “Dr. Pimple Popper” videos.

Pimple nails look exactly like what your nails would look like if they had severe breakouts - angry, inflamed spots that are ready to pop. And while this look may have been perfect for Halloween - we’re not sure how, but anything goes on Halloween - but it’s hard to imagine anyone wearing these on an average day at work.

Lee has this pimple nail art perfected and even uses a big glob if hand cream to be the gunk that pops out of the pimple. Disturbing? Yep. So let’s all agree not to let this look become a trend, pretty please?

Source: Allure

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