Are Flare Nails The Ugliest Nail Trend Of 2017?

When it comes to manicures these days, God help us, but ANYTHING goes. We used to have round or square options, but now nail trends go way beyond. From coffin nails to crystal nails, furry nails to weed nails - just when you think you’ve seen it all, another “trendy” look comes along. This time, it’s one we’re not so sure about: flare nails.

So what do they look like? Flare nails are also known as “duck feet nails” because the shape fans out at the ends, like duck’s feet, or flared jeans. They can be long or short and they’re anything but subtle.

Flare nails are kind of the opposite of those long, thin, talon-like nails that we’ve been seeing. This look is becoming more popular, but we’re not sure why. “They’re inherently structurally unstable,” explains nail artist Maggie Franklin. “They’re out of balance, with more weight off the nail bed than on it, and with that weight spread out over so much space, flared nails are a disaster waiting to happen.”

These nails look like they’d make it harder to do everyday things, like typing and putting in contacts, so as cool as flare nails might be, we’re just gonna pass on this trend.

Source: Mamamia

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