These Could Be The Funniest Drunk Texts Ever Sent

We all know about the dangers of texting and driving, but it turns out folks should be equally worried about the consequences of texting and drinking. Far too many people have sent hilarious and embarrassing texts after having a few too many, and thanks to Bored Panda, we all are getting to laugh at some of the best of them.

The site has shared screen shots of some of the best drunk texting exchanges out there and there’s no doubt you’ll be shaking head, and having a few giggles as well. 

Among the funniest drunk texts (to check out all of them, or to see the text exchanges click here):

  • “’I wasn’t that drunk I drove myself home.’ ‘Dude, don’t even try denying it. I drove you home while you drove with a paper plate.’ ‘I thought that was a dream.’”
  • “’Dude you were so drunk at the party…you called a taxi to take u home.’ ‘So I don’t want to get a ticket being drunk and driving.’ ‘The party was at ur house.’”
  • “’hey can u pick me up I’m drnuk…oh u dnt have to anymore I’m home now.’ ‘yes I was aware of that after dropping u off at home.’”
  • “’haha you were so drunk last night’ ‘what no I wasn’t.’ ‘dude you ran up to a huge biker guy with a beard and shouted “hagrid!!! You’re real”’ ‘oh sh*t, what did he do?’ ‘Hugged you.’ ‘ah, that explains the faint scent of smoke on my jacket.’”
  • “I love drunk Jess. She gets sh*t done. I have made lunch for tomorrow. No idea what’s in it that’s tomorrow Jess’ problem. The important thing is I made it.’ ‘What did drunk Jess make for lunch.’ ‘It was an empty lunchbox.’ ‘drunk Jess is an moron.’”
  • “’Dude there’s no way in hell I was that drunk.’ ‘You asked your dad if he was a virgin.’”
  • “’hey babe’ ‘yeah?’ ‘I gotta tell you something.’ ‘It’s 3:38 am.’ ‘Take it seriously.’ ‘What?’ ‘I am the batman.’ ‘You’re drunk aren’t you?’ ‘Yeah.’”

Source: Bored Panda

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