Scrunchies Are Making a Comeback

In fashion, if you wait long enough, everything comes back in style at some point. And it seems that’s what has happened with the ‘90s hair accessory everyone used - the scrunchie. But like a lot of other things, the scrunchie has been rebranded to make its comeback even cooler.

Meet the “hair cloud” - it’s like a scrunchie, but rebranded and more expensive. According to WWD, the ponytail staple of the ‘90s is turning up on runway shows of high-end designers, but it now goes by the name “hair cloud,” thanks to a Danish designer.

Line Sander Johansen is a hair cloud designer and she says she came up with the new name because her fluffy styles look like “silk clouds around the hair.” And she says she prefers the new name because it gives off a chic image. Well, yeah, anything’s better than the overly-hairsprayed big hair flashbacks we get when we think of scrunchies.

Johansen’s label, Comfort Objects, sells the fancy scrunchies for $112 each, but these are made of recycled silk Hermes scarves and such, so they’re more luxe than the ones we bought at Walgreens. Call them what you want, they’ll always be scrunchies to us.

Source: PopSugar

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