Just Go Ahead And Sign Us Up: Vodka-Infused Chocolate

Tito's Vodka 500

If you’re looking for an excuse to cheat on your January detox, I'm pretty sure this is it: vodka-infused chocolate is a real thing. And suddenly your Dry January plans don’t seem as important, do they?

Gourmet candy company Sugarfina teamed up with Tito’s Vodka to create these limited-edition boozy treats and they sound tempting. The “Vodka Is Always a Good Idea” candy bento box is $28 and comes with:

  • Tito’s American Mule Bears - gummy bears made with a splash of ginger beer and infused with vodka,
  • Tito’s Vodka Cordials - dark chocolate balls with vodka,
  • And a fancy copper mug.

You can also buy a box of just the American Mule Bears or just the Vodka Cordials for $8.50 each. And the Tito’s collection also includes Martini Olive Almonds, and from the name they don’t sound that appealing. But they’re not olives at all, they’re actually roasted almonds coated in white chocolate and painted to look exactly like a martini olive, so they’re probably pretty tasty and these don’t contain any alcohol.

So if you’re ready to give up on your New Year’s resolution to quit sugar or alcohol, these sound like the perfect way to do it. Cheers to that!

Source: Whimn

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