Time To Drink Up To Women's Equality

Now we can help the fight for women’s equality while we relax with a glass of wine and try to forget about all the terrible things happening in Washington DC. Nasty Woman Wines are here for all the nasty women in your life and they give money to a good cause, which is more than we can say for the bottles we usually pick up at Trader Joe’s.

So what is Nasty Woman Wine? Their site says their beverages are “unapologetically tasty and designed to celebrate women while energizing people for a cause.” It’s made for women who are “leaders and fighters, and believe in equality for everyone, regardless of race, class, gender, creed, and sexual orientation.”

And they donate 20% of their net profit to organizations that are fighting for women’s equality. These are some of the Nasty Woman wines available:

  • Pantsuit Pinot Noir ($20.00) - Put on your favorite white pantsuit for this one and taste the notes of “rose, earth and cherry” while discussing the gender pay gap and other women’s issues.
  • Pave The Way Chardonnay ($20) - They call this one an “Unapologetically Engaging” Oregon Chardonnay that’s “racy and bright with a zip of acidity running through lush fruit”
  • Progress Pink ($15) - Don’t underestimate the pink! This rosé is for all those Nasty Women who are bubbly, bright, and like a splash of pink in their lives but are serious about making progress.
  • Boss Lady Bubbles ($20) - For all the boss ladies who speak up in meetings, interrupt the mansplainers and ask for what they want, cheers to you. They say this wine “knows how to bring people together and makes every occasion better with her presence ...like a boss.”

Source: Scary Mommy

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