A 'Saved by the Bell' Lipstick Is Coming

Makeup companies love a good throwback, that’s why there was “Clueless” nail polish from Essie and a whole Lisa Frank makeup collection from Glamour Dolls in the last year alone. And if you love ‘90s nostalgia, too, get ready to be excited about the newest launch from indie beauty brand Sola: “Saved by the Bell” lipstick.

Yes, that early ‘90s teen show is making a comeback in the form of a lipstick trio names after the girls of Bayside High. Kelly Kapowski’s color is a warm pink, Jessie Spano’s is bronze, and the Lisa Turtle one is a plum shade. The lipstick has a metallic finish and the packaging even pays homage to the show’s look with neon doodles and zigzags.

Sola is no stranger to ‘80s and ‘90s pop culture, they previously came out with a “Flashdance” eyeshadow palette and a “Dirty Dancing” makeup set. This “Saved by the Bell” lipstick seems be the only product coming out in this collection and it hits stores February 3.

Source: Elle

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