“Opal Hair” Is Instagram’s Newest Color Trend

Just when you think you’ve seen all the hair color trends on Instagram, a new one catches on. We’ve seen lovely locks with creative names like “mulled wine” hair and “peanut butter and jelly” hair, but if you’re looking to lighten things up from those darker shades, opal hair could be the cool new color trend for you.

So what does this color look like? Check out any of the 18,931 tagged photos of "opal hair" on Instagram to get an idea, or think of a light, peachy color with a platinum base and silvery pinks and ice blues mixed in. If your hair is already platinum, you could easily work in some of opal hair’s purples, pinks, oranges, or blues to get the look.

But if your hair is dark, you’re gonna really need to lighten it up to make it work, it’s tough to get the effect on anything darker than dirty blonde. So some hair colorists have come up with a darker spin on opal hair, calling it “opal-oil slick hair.” And that could save you some of the damage that can happen to your tresses when you go bottle blonde. But that’s just one downside to the trend and that’s what hair repair treatments like Olaplex are for.

Source: Glamour

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