What Daylight Savings Does To Your Body

It happened, guys. We lost an hour yesterday. And while we’re all hoping we could have stayed in bed a liiiittle longer, it’s time we face the facts and try to get our sleep schedules back on track. Here are some things that daylight savings does to our body:

  • You’ll lose an hour of sleep, and your body might feel it.
  • It’ll disrupt your circadian rhythm, which could make you ever so slightly more perceptible to strokes.
  • Your fertility could be affected if you’re undergoing fertilization at the time.
  • You could get some headaches throughout the day.
  • You ever so slightly increase your risk of heart attack.

It seems like some pretty scary stuff that can happen during Daylight Savings Time. But let’s be real, here. All we’re REALLY thinking about is the fact that we lost an hour of sleep, right?


Source: Elite Daily

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