Red Wine/Coffee: Combining Two Favorites

Love red wine and coffee? This new offering from Apothic Wine combines them both in one bottle. Starting April 1, you can get Apothic Brew, a coffee-infused red wine inspired by everyone’s cold-brew coffee obsession.

In case you don’t know, cold brew coffee is made with about twice as many grounds as traditional coffee, and it takes longer to steep. But you end up with a smooth, strong, delicious coffee. So it would work well with a nice, smooth red wine.

And if you’re not a caffeine junkie, don’t worry. This Apothic Brew has less caffeine than a cup of decaf, even though it’s infused with coffee. The wine has a strong coffee aroma, but they say it tastes more like red wine with hints of chocolate. We say cheers to that!

Source: Cosmopolitan

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