Women With This Breast Size Are The Happiest

When it comes to breast size, there will always be women who want what another gal has. For example, someone with big breasts often wishes they were smaller, yet those with A-cups often wish they had some more up top. So, is anyone ever really happy with their breast size?

Well, according to a new survey the answer is yes, and there’s one particular cup size that makes women the happiest. The UK survey, which could easily translate here, finds that women with a C-cup are happiest with their size, with 39% of gals with C-cups saying they either love or like their chest, while only 20% of women with C-cups say they don’t mind, dislike or hate their breasts.

While not the happiest, gals with D and DD cups are not too far behind, with 27% saying they either love or like their size, although they have the most who say they are “loving” their boobs at 11%. Meanwhile only 34% of those with an A or AA like or love their size, and only 27% of those with B-cup say the same.

  • But despite all these differences, it turns out most people are pretty okay with how they fill out a bra. Overall, 38% of women said they “didn’t mind” their breasts, regardless of their cup size, while 25% said they actually “like” their chest.

Source: The Sun

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