Cockroach Milk Is A Real Thing

It seems the health food industry is always looking for alternatives to cow's milk. There’s almond milk, cashew milk, soy milk, but what about cockroach milk? Most can’t even bare the site of one of these critters, nonetheless stomach one, but scientists have found a way humans can benefit from milk derived from the insect.

When cockroaches give birth, they also secrete little tiny crystals that nourish their 50 or so newborns. Researchers from the Institute For Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine in India have found that these crystals contain proteins, sugars, and fats that could nutritionally benefit humans. The crystals can be used to form a milk, that allegedly tastes similar to cow’s milk.

Keep in mind that even though cockroach milk may be a great cow alternative, roaches are a lot smaller than cows, which means it’d be a lot harder to produce even just one cup of it. That and cockroaches die off once they’ve secreted the crystal.

Todd Alan

Todd Alan

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