A Woman Orders Food So Driver Will Come Kill Spider

Lots of us are afraid of spiders, so many that it’s one of the most common phobias out there. And there are plenty of reasons the creepy, crawly things make people nervous, one of the most important being that some of them bite! So when a student in the U.K. discovered she was trapped in her apartment with one of the eight-legged creatures, and she was too scared to kill it herself, she came up with the perfect solution: order food delivery.

Demi Sweeney spotted the spider but she was too scared it would fall on her head if she approached it, so she had to think fast. Her creative solution to the spider situation? She ordered KFC via Deliveroo and hoped her driver would kill the intruder for her. She asked Deliveroo if it would be possible for the driver to act as exterminator and the company told her she could ask, but admitted the driver could actually be more afraid of spiders than she is.

Sweeney made the request anyway and it all worked out, well for her yes, the spider? Not so much. Joe the Deliveroo driver saved the day, killed the spider and became Sweeney’s “actual LIFESAVER” as she puts it in her shoutout to his bravery on Twitter.

SO keep this in mind if you’re scared of spiders and find yourself with one in your home. Delivery drivers could save the day for you, too. And if not, at least you get food out of the deal.

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