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Top Things Men And Women Lie About On Dates

It’s no secret that singles aren’t always totally honest with the people they’re dating. But some fibs are small and some go much deeper and darker. And even if you don’t bend the truth much to get someone interested, chances are, it’s happened to you. So what is your date lying to you about? According to a new survey of more than 1,300 singles, we now know the top things people lie about on dates.

The survey from BodyLogicMD finds that the number one thing both men and women lie about is their number of sexual partners. Researchers say this is probably because of romantic hopefuls being afraid of being too easy or too inexperienced, but that’s just the start of the list.

These are the top 10 things men lie about on dates:

  1. Number of sexual partners 44.6%
  2. Income - 37.5%
  3. Living situation - 30.4%
  4. Hobbies - 26.8%
  5. Profession - 25.0%
  6. Relationship status - 21.4%
  7. Education level - 14.3%
  8. Weight - 12.5%
  9. Height - 7.1%
  10. Name - 5.4%

As for the ladies, these are the top 10 things they lie about on dates, according to the survey:

  1. Number of sexual partners - 44.4%
  2. Weight - 33.3%
  3. Living situation - 28.4%
  4. Income - 27.2%
  5. Hobbies - 23.5%
  6. Relationship status - 19.8%
  7. Profession - 18.5%
  8. Education level 13.6%
  9. Name - 9.9%
  10. Other (previous relationships, plans for the future) - 8.6%

The survey also reveals that nearly three out of four people who lie about something got away with it, which only encourages them to keep up the dishonesty. And while some of these lies seem to make sense, like not being truthful about income or living situation, close to 10% of women are lying about their names and that’s one we just don’t get.

Source: Women's Health

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