Upside Down Jeans Are A Thing Now

We have seen a lot of fashion companies introduce strange jeans these days, whether it be extreme lace-up jeans or butt ripped jeans. Now another bizarre one has just hit the market that will likely have you asking, “Who would wear these things?”

CIE Denim is responsible for the latest bizarre jean creation. They're selling upside down jeans and shorts featuring a waistband, belt loops, and pockets where the cuffs should be, on the bottom. And they are not only strange, but they’re also expensive: $385 for the shorts and $495 for the pants. 

The new jeans are apparently inspired by the Netflix series, “Stranger Things,” and its parallel universe, The Upside Down. In fact, the jeans are all named after characters in the show, including a Will, a Nancy, a Mike, an El, and a Lucas.

Source: Huffington Post

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