Here's A Hack To Stop Your Sunglasses From Sliding

We love having fun in the summer sun and we know how important it is to protect our peepers with sunglasses, but it’s super annoying when our sunglasses are forever sliding down our nose. It’s hot and we’re sweaty, so it feels like something we’ll just have to live with, but this hack could stop the slide for good.

So what’s the secret? Something you probably already have in your makeup bag: eye shadow primer. You use it to hold your shadow in place on your eyelids and it creates a matte, slightly sticky grip, so dabbing a bit on the bridge of your nose right where your glasses hit is all there is to it.

That slightly sticky grip is supposed to keep your glasses in place. And the best part? It works on bare skin as well as over makeup. Plus, the hack works for regular glasses as well as sunglasses. So try it to stop the sunglasses slide.

Source: PureWow

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