How Would You Like To Get Paid To Take A Nap?

If you really love napping, Mattress Firm may have the perfect job for you. The company is hiring an intern, well, actually a “Snoozetern” to test out mattresses at their “BEDQuarters” in Houston, Texas. It’s a paid internship, but you don’t have to be a college student to get the gig.

The 20-hour-a week job is open to anyone ages 18 years and olderand they’ll pay the right person to take a nap. There are a few job requirements though. Mattress Firm asks that applicants be “proficient in napping, regardless of time of day” and “passionate about sleep and comfort.” And if you get hired, in addition to napping, you’ll be an "in-house bed tester," which is a job title you probably don’t have on your resume now.

Along with being comfy in bed, the “Snoozetern” also needs to be comfortable in front of the camera and using social media. Part of the job will be creating written and video content for Mattress Firm’s social media accounts and website and hosting Facebook Live events for the company.

If this sounds like your dream job, create a 60-second video explaining why you’d be the ultimate slumber star. They even give you some talking points, like “Why would you be the perfect “Snoozetern,” and “What sort of tips, information, or education would you give to sleep-deprived Americans?” And you’d better get busy, the deadline for applications is this Friday (July 27th). Also, keep in mind that the job is in Houston, so you’ll have to relocate there for three months if you’re chosen as the winner.

Check out all the details about getting paid to nap as a “Snoozetern” right HERE.

Source: Elite Daily

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