Here's A Service Takes Your Ex’s Stuff Away For You

Breakups are painful and one of the worst parts of them is the aftermath. As you’re suffering through your broken heart, you have to do the deleting of the Instagrams, the changing of the phone background, and of course, the getting rid of the stuff. The mementos all around your place that serve as a constant reminder of your ex could send you backsliding, or at least make getting over the relationship that much harder.

But now there’s a company that will handle all those things left behind by your former flame so you don’t have to live with the physical reminders. ExBox is a new service from MakeSpace that lets you schedule a pickup of all the unwelcome romantic souvenirs so you don’t have to look at them anymore. They’ll send you a box to fill and then take it away to a storage facility until you’re ready to deal with it or burn it in a dumpster, whatever works for you.

You fill out a questionnaire on the ExBox site with basic contact info, as well as a ranking of how horrible your ex really was. And the worse the breakup, the more money you can save. Then they’ll pick up and store your ex’s stuff for as long as you like so you can get it out of sight and hopefully off your mind. The service is currently available in four cities: New York, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles, and you can get your ex’s things picked up in 24 hours after scheduling, so you can fast track your healing process.

Source: Elle

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