Real Reasons People Have Been Late For Work

No matter how hard people try, and how early they leave your house, they're bound to be late for work on occasion and for some folks it happens way too often. While there are definitely legitimate excuses for being tardy to the office, the real reason some punch the clock late may shock you.

Well, now folks on the anonymous Whisper App are confessing to the real reasons they couldn’t make it into the office on time, and some of them are pretty funny, and in a few cases downright embarrassing.

Real reasons folks were late for work include:

  • “I was late for work because I couldn’t find my bra in a sea of clothes on the floor. There’s a reason your mom says clean your room…So you don’t wind up being a grown women losing your job over a bra.”
  • “I was late for work because I stopped to cuddle a stray cat.”
  • “I was late for work this morning. The reason? I had to poop. I never poop in the morning. I didn’t realize how time consuming poop is.”
  • “I was late for work today, wasn’t gonna lie to my boss. I told him straight up I didn’t set the alarm because I didn’t want to come.”
  • “A few months ago I was late for work because the quickie wasn’t as quick as I thought it was going to be.”
  • “I was late for work because I couldn’t find my wallet. It was under my bong.”
  • “I’m grown as hell and I was late for work because I was watching 'Bob’s Burgers.'”
  • “I was late for work because I stepped on a snail. I felt so bad about it had to bury it.”
  • “Today I was late for work because my cat was sleeping on me and I didn’t want to wake her up.”
  • “You know you’re not a morning person when you might be late for work because you couldn’t figure out the damn maze on the captain crunch box.”
  • “I was late for work. The reason? Because a tune came on the radio. I couldn’t leave until the bass line dropped.”

Source: Whisper

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