A Boyfriend Pillow. Yeah, It's A Real Thing.

If you haven’t had a snuggle buddy in quite some time, you know that the struggle is real. It gets lonely going to bed alone every night, and even if you’re enjoying your single self, it can be tough falling asleep without a warm body next to you. That’s why the Boyfriend Pillow exists. And it’ll even put its arm around you…

Thank goodness it’s October, because this is some seriously spooky stuff. It’s just like having a real person in bed with you but they won’t snore or ignore your texts. All you have to do is cuddle up next to your pillow and let the fake arm do the rest of the work. And think about it – you won’t have to worry if they’re losing blood circulation to their hands!

It can be yours for 40 bucks, but so could a tank of gas… so you decide.


Source: PopSugar

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