Men Reveal The Nonsexual Things They’re Most Attracted To

We spend a lot of time thinking about what our potential partners are turned on by and how to get them interested, but everyone’s different so it’s not easy to figure it out. So wouldn’t it be great if we could just come out and ask what guys are most attracted to? Sure it would and an AskReddit thread did that for us, asking guys what nonsexual things are turn ons for them. And their answers may surprise you.

  • “Women who have reminders written on the backs of their hands” - Most of us have done this at some point or another and we had no idea anyone would even notice, much less find it a turn on, but one user did and even he’s not sure why. “I can’t explain it even if my life depended on it,” he admits.
  • “Looking at my girlfriend when she’s not paying attention to me” - For one user, “seeing her truly into something is attractive.”
  • “Ankle socks” - Several users find females wearing ankle socks attractive.
  • When women “yawn or stretch” - A few users find this hot and one isn’t sure why it “looks cute and attractive.”
  • The way you “say their name” - Who doesn’t love the way the person you’re into says your name?
  • “Women who are smarter” than they are - While some dudes find intelligence intimidating, at least one was willing to admit it’s a turn-on.
  • “Stretch marks” - Who knew this was attractive to some folks? One user says he loves stretch marks, especially if they’re noticeable, so we love him.
  • “Tall women” - Let’s hear it for women over five foot seven!
  • Girls who are attracted to them and like them - So simple, but so important.
  • “Girls in baseball caps” - Several users like this look, especially with a ponytail coming through the back. Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make it so good.

Source: Cosmopolitan