Dating Trends: Pokemoning

It seems as though every day brings a new dating trend – and each one seems just as terrible as the last. While no dating trend can reach the caliber of ghosting, there are still a few out there that aren’t good news for singles. Enter “pokemoning.” As the name suggests, its basically when you “gotta catch ‘em all.”

According to Urban Dictionary, pokemoning is pretty much when you collect a bunch of people for your own benefit. You’re probably dating multiple partners and keeping your favorites in your back pocket. The idea is that each person has traits you like, but there isn’t just one person that checks all of the boxes. So you keep them all around.

To avoid the terrible trend altogether, you should really appreciate people for the positive AND negative qualities about them. No one is going to be absolutely perfect for you, but if you’re open minded to the opportunity, you never know when someone could sweep you off your feet!


Source: Her

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