Dating Trends: Curving

The dating trend dictionary is growing by the day, and the most recent addition is something that’s arguable much worse than ghosting. “Curving” is a term that describes the phenomenon of letting someone down without just straight up telling them you’re not interested. It creates a gray area, and it’s annoying AF.

Not only with curvers just leave you hanging sometimes, but they’ll get back to you a few days later with a bogus reason for why they haven’t been answering you. Sometimes these people will even make plans with you…but cancel at the last minute every time. It’s a waste of everyone’s time!

Bottom line? Curving people is a huge waste of everyone’s time. Let’s get into the habit of just telling people how we feel, no matter how uncomfortable it is. It’s better for everyone when you can just be open and honest about these things.


Source: Independent

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