Boozy Prosecco Pies Are A Thing

Let’s save some time this holiday season. Instead of sipping on bubbly in between bites of pie, let’s just put the bubbly IN our pies. Ruffino Wines has teamed up with Little Pie Company in NYC to bring us a limited edition Salted Caramel Prosecco Pie. It’s apple-y, sugary, salted caramel goodness made with real prosecco and topped with gold sugar pearls.

You’re not even going to want to eat it because of how pretty it looks on the table. But we have no doubt that once the perfect photo is taken for the ‘gram, you’ll get over how pretty it looks and dive right in. You can grab your own prosecco pie for $35, or if your on a budget, $9.50 for a little guy. You can pick them up at the bakery or have them shipped nationwide for a little more convenience.


Source: Insider