The Unspoken Rules Of Casual Dating

Can we talk about how many gray areas there are in the casual dating world? How do you know who picks up the tab? Do you introduce them to your friends? Casual dating is probably the hardest thing to navigate sometimes. Here are some unspoken rules that you may or may not have down (but should):


  • Don’t get your head too in the clouds – But also know when it’s time to have that DTR talk!
  • Make sure you’re over your ex – As things start to get more serious, make sure your new fling isn’t just a rebound!
  • If you ask them out, you pay – When it comes to the bill, try to be the one that pays when you’re the one that did the asking.
  • Be on time – This is huge. Don’t be late to a date!!
  • Dress comfortably – You don’t want to have to think about adjusting your clothes all night. Just dress like you!
  • Be flexible – Be cool with dates you didn’t think you’d be into. Try new things. You never know what could happen!
  • Pay attention – You’re learning about someone new, and everyone loves to be heard when they’re dating someone.


Online dating can be tricky, and you know what could help? Talking to your partner every step of the way. This stuff is so much easier when you just talk to someone about it, right? Let the casual stuff just be what it is while you can!


Source: The Frisky

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