Everything Millennials Were Accused of Killing This Year

The list of things millennials have killed just keeps growing and growing. And while I'm sure 2019 will bring a whole mess of other things that millennials have done away with, let’s get a list going of the things they've already slaughtered in 2018. Here are the most-killed things they’ve given the boot:


  • Bars – They would much rather drink at home.
  • Beer – This one seems dramatic.  Beer sales have dropped by 1%.
  • Mayo – No idea how this one happened, but they’re just not into the stuff.
  • American cheese – Honestly, good riddance! There are much better cheese options out there.
  • Large turkeys – They’re eating smaller turkeys AND still have leftovers, so who’s the real winner here?
  • Canned tuna – It’s too processed and not helping the environment to get!

 I think we can take a page from the millennial book of habits. No more processed foods! And let’s be honest, guys. Our precious beer isn’t going anywhere.


Source: Refinery29

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