"Mushroom Blonde" Is The Latest Hair Trend

Okay, so dying your hair “mushroom blonde” sounds really terrible, but it’s actually one of the trends that’s sweeping our heads in the coming year. Most of the time, we lean towards the dark and reddish colors for the winter months when it comes to our hair color. But maybe you should consider this blonde trend for your chilly season look.

The deal with “mushroom blonde” is that it’s not really brown and it’s not really blonde – it’s somewhere in the middle. It’s a great middle-ground for both blondes and brunettes looking to switch to the other side. And the best part? It works for curly OR straight hair. Sure, the trend is named after a fungus, but we promise that the end result isn’t anywhere near as gross as the actual stuff.

So when you’re looking to change up your look majorly but just kind of want to toe the water of something really crazy, try out this “mushroom blonde” look! (And maybe call it something else when you describe it to people.) Check out a few examples below...


Source: Insider

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