Would You Try Unicorn Tears Wine?

If you’re dealing with some post-holiday blues this January, we know just the thing that could give you a new year boost: “Unicorn Tears” wine. Yes, it’s really called that, well, it’s from Spain, so it’s actually “Lágrimas de Unicornio” in Spanish. It’s from the Gik winery and claims to be “the pinkest rosé that has ever been created” and who am I to argue?

Gik is the same group who introduced the world to blue wine a few years ago when they launched Gik Blue and now they’re back with this pink sparkly vino. And the Unicorn Tears wine takes advantage of several popular trends, so it’s bound to be a hit. First there’s the name - people love unicorns. Then there’s the fact it’s pink and sparkly, which people can’t get enough of. Plus, it’s a rosé and even though it’s winter, that doesn’t stop people from enjoying that rosé-all-day lifestyle.

It’s unclear exactly which grapes are used to create this wine, but according to the press release, organic pigments from raspberries help it get that extra bright pink hue. As for what makes it sparkle? You can thank “mineral pigments” for that shimmer. And the aroma is described as fruity and reminiscent of candy, so you can bet it tastes sweet.

If this Unicorn Tears wine sounds like something you’d like to be sipping on, you’ll have to wait for that glass. We can’t order Unicorn Tears from Gik’s U.S. site yet, but they say it’ll be available here soon, so you’ll have something to look forward to.

Source: Bustle

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