These Apps Pay You To Exercise

For a lot of us, it’s hard to stay motivated to keep working out. We should want to do it to take care of ourselves and feel healthier, but that’s not always enough incentive. But there are actually apps out there that will pay you to exercise more! These apps let you earn cash when you smash your fitness or weight loss goals, so if money is a good motivator for you, check them out and get moving.

  • Achievement - Sync this app with your other health apps and it does the work of keeping track of all the good things you’re doing, like getting more sleep and tracking your steps. The more healthy stuff you do, the more Achievement pays you.
  • DietBet - This app is free, but you have to place a bet to get money out of it. After downloading it, create a fitness challenge for yourself or join an existing one and when you meet your goal, you can win back your money and more.
  • Charity Miles - If you’re the selfless type who wants extra money, but not for yourself, check out Charity Miles. This app lets you choose the charity you want to support and you earn money for them based on how much exercise you get.
  • HealthyWage - Like DietBet, this app requires you to invest some money in yourself to join a fitness challenge, but after you participate in verified weigh-ins to prove you’re doing the work, you get the cash when you beat your goals.
  • RunBet - with this app, you join a game for a certain amount of time and place your bet. If you reach your running goal by the time the game is finished, you win. But don’t think you can cheat to get the money, RunBet uses GPS in your phone to verify your activity.

Source: PopSugar