Woman Rages At Date For Not Paying For Her Expensive Meal

There has always been, and always will be, debates about who should pick up the check on a date, and while some may think the man is always responsible, others don’t necessarily agree. Well, one man shared his recent drama surrounding the very subject, revealing that he basically got abused by his date for not picking up the check, and he has a lot of folks supporting his decision.

The unnamed man, believed to be from Ireland, shared on Reddit that while out on a date he refused to split the bill evenly with the woman he was with because her share of the bill was almost six times more than his. Apparently the girl was the one who asked him out, and when he tried to make plans to go out again she let him have it.

“After what you did to me last time you expect me to go out with you again? Wow,” she wrote, and when he asked why she was so mad she replied, “You made me pay for my own food and drink while you paid for only yours wtf.” The guy explained he felt it would be unfair for him to have to pay the whole bill when he basically got a bowl of pasta, which cost under $20, while she ate lobster and drank wine, which cost almost $92. He added, “you were really expecting me to pay that? I’m a student not your sugar daddy.”

The woman didn’t think he had a point, calling him “rude,” and adding, “if you can’t pay for a girls’ food then why accept the invite,” but not many people agree with her opinion. In fact most people on Reddit sided with the fella. 

  • “That's why she invited you out so she could get expensive food and wasn't expecting to pay,” one person wrote, while another added, “Anyone that expects that royalty treatment is not someone you want in your life. Good move.” Finally a third noted, “That’s incredibly obnoxious. Going out solely for the free lobster! Gives women a bad name."

Source: Daily Mail

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