Signs Your Partner May Be Cheating Based On Their Nightly Routine

Having a partner who cheats is something nobody wants to experience, but it isn’t always easy to know whether you have a boo who is being unfaithful. Well, according to experts if you are concerned about a cheating S.O. there are certain signs you can look out for and a lot of those clues can be can be revealed simply by looking at their nightly routine.

Signs to look out for include:

  • They’re working later and later – Sure, working late at the office happens to everyone, but if your partner’s late night hours seem to get later and later and last for more than a week or two, there’s good reason to get suspicious. Another excuse to be wary of is your partner continuously saying they were out late with friends, especially on weeknights. 
  • You’re not going to bed at the same time anymore – If you are a couple who usually goes to bed at the same time (not all of us do), you may want to question things if all of a sudden your boo stops joining you at bedtime. If they wind up staying up much later than you, you may want to consider what they could be doing with that time, since they could be contacting their side piece. 
  • They’re on the phone a lot late at night – Now, if they’re on the phone a lot at night in front of you, you probably don’t have to worry, but if they are being secretive about the calls that could be a red flag. There’s obviously a reason they don’t want you to hear that call, and if they take it into the bathroom and lock the door there’s good reason to be suspicious. 
  • They’ve stopped leaving the phone on the nightstand – If your partner used to leave their phone out and about around the house and suddenly they're keeping it in their pocket, you may want to question why they are keeping it so close. Refusing to leave it where you could see it may mean they are having a conversation with someone they don’t want you to know about. Of course not everyone who keeps their phone close is cheating, but if they used to not care about where it was, and that suddenly changes, it could be a red flag.

Of course all of these signs doesn’t guarantee they are cheating, but experts note if you are worried, the only thing you really can do is communicate your worries to your partner. Revealing your concerns gives them the opportunity to explain their behavior. Now whether you believe their story is another thing…

Source: Elite Daily

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