Opening Lines That Actually Work On Dating Sites

Now that you’ve decided to jump into the online dating pool, you need one thing.

One of the most awkward things is starting a real conversation on any dating app. What do you say? How do you make is sound not-so-stupid? You get help from Bustle! They suggest an opening line. Here are a few that have worked well before.

  • What’s your theme song?
  • "How Would You Describe Yourself In Three Words? How Would Your Friends Describe You In Three Words?"
  • Cheese, Pepperoni or Hawaiian?
  • "What's The Worst Opening Line You've Ever Received?"
  • "We're Married. I'm Complaining That I Don't Know What I Want To Eat. You Suggest...?"
  • "What Three Characters Combined Best Describe You?"

There are plenty more. Check them out here. Source: Bustle

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