Let Alexa Help Your Kids Do Homework

Alexa recently made headlines for helping a kid cheat on homework, but Amazon’s virtual voice assistant can actually be an honest tool to enrich your kids intellectually. Here’s how Alexa can help your little ones academically.

  • Math computations - Alexa can do complex math problems, so if you ask her, “Alexa, what is ⅛ times 2/9?” She’ll give the right answer. Enable skills like Smart Math to boost math knowledge.
  • Dictionary and thesaurus - Your young student can save time by asking Alexa for definitions or synonyms and antonyms instead of looking them up.
  • Learning a foreign language - Alexa can understand English, Spanish, German, Italian, and Japanese on its own, but use the third-party service Daily Dose to work around that. Say, “Alexa, open Daily Dose” to learn one of its 34 different languages.
  • Computer science help - Help boost your child’s computer science skills with one of these Alexa skills. For basic computer quizzes, say, “Alexa, open Computer Fundamentals ." Or for more in-depth computer science knowledge, say, “Alexa, open Computer Trivia .”
  • Science projects - Alexa even has fun science projects for your kiddos using the Busy Hands skill . Just say, “Alexa, open Busy Hands” and you can choose from one of five kid-friendly projects, including Slime Making and Potato Battery.

Source: Cnet