What To Get Your Guy For VDay, Based On How Long You've Been Dating

Still trying to decide what to get your fella for Valentine’s Day? You still have time to pull off a perfect present for him and these suggestions, from Cosmo, based on how long you’ve been together can help.

  • Less than three months - If you’re still in the honeymoon phase or are dating and haven’t defined the relationship just yet, there’s no real pressure to go all out for Valentine’s Day. So go for something edible, or something related to an inside joke, or something small and thoughtful. And you can never go wrong with Reese's.
  • Three to six months - If you’ve been together this long, you’re probably pretty into each other, so you should put a little more effort into your Valentine’s gift. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money - some good booze (anything not his usual brand), an interesting book, or tickets to a cool art opening or concert are all solid options.
  • Six months to a year - At this point, you’re in a serious relationship and you’ve probably met the parents and said the “L” word, so get him something he really wants for Valentine’s Day. New cologne, a shirt from a brand you know he likes, or something he’s mentioned wanting recently would all impress.
  • A year to two years - When you’ve been together this long, you’ve probably exchanged gifts so many times that you’re struggling to come up with a fresh idea. That just means it’s time to get creative. You could go all out and splurge for a couples getaway or a couple’s massage, or get him the sunglasses you know he’s wanted forever, or sign him up for a meal kit service so you can cook some tasty dinners together.
  • More than two years - At this point in your long-term relationship, you guys are probably pretty comfortable with each other. You could either give him something super useful or something completely extravagant, either one’s a winner. Practical presents like a plant, a dopp kit, or a warm hat are always good, and if you want to go lavish, a high-end kitchen tool or appliance, a watch, or some sweet wireless earphones would not disappoint.

Source: Cosmopolitan