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Survey Suggests Parents Are To Blame For Kids' Lack Of Life Skills

While many of us are still shocked that Felicity Huffman and Lori Louglin spent a lot of money to help their kids get into college, they are far from the only parents who have gone a bit too far to control their kids’ lives, and a new poll suggests a lot of parents these days are to blame for young adults not learning any life skills to take with them into the real world. 

The poll, conducted by “The New York Times” and Morning Consult, asked parents of 18 to 28-year-olds whether they were still doing certain tasks for their college-age kids and beyond, and the results were astounding.

While college is supposed to be a time for teens to learn how to live on their own and handle their own responsibilities, 76% of parents say they still remind their kids of deadlines, including schoolwork, while 74% make appointments for them, and 15% have actually called or texted their kids to wake them up, insuring they didn’t miss their class or test.

·But that’s far from the only way parents are keeping their kids from growing up. In fact some fight their battles for them, with 8% of parents having gone so far as to contact with a college professor or administrator over an issue regarding their kids’ grades, while another 11% have actually called their kids’ employer if there was an issue at work.

Other admissions from parents of young adults include:

·22% helped them study for a college test

·16% helped write all or part of a job or internship application

·14% told them which career to pursue

·14% used their professional network to help them get jobs or internships

·12% gave more than $500 per month for rent or daily expenses

·11% helped write an essay or school assignment

·4% wrote all or part of an essay or other school assignment 

Source: New York Times

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