"Does The Dog Die" Is The Website You Need

Movies can kill off parents, have kids taken, show a devastating heartbreak, and I’ll find a way to move past it. I might even enjoy it in some messed up way. But the second a sad movie kills off the dog? Forget it. I’m scarred forever. Luckily, if you’re in the mood for dead parents sad but not dead dog sad, there’s a way you can check on the plot points to make sure before you dive in.

This website, literally called DoesTheDogDie.com, is a place you can go and search for any movie or TV show you might be thinking of watching. Without giving away any other major plot points, the website will tell you if there’s a furry death in the mix at any point during the film or series. You can even look up dog deaths in books, so you don’t find yourself sobbing on the train to work by accident.

If there are other furry friends you’re concerned about, no worries. You can search for the deaths of other animals, too. And if you’re just plain worried about being triggered at all, you can adjust your keywords so the website gives you a solid look at what kinds of sadness you’re going to be up against.

I love content with dogs. But the second anything bad happens to them, it’s game over for most of me. 

Source: Bustle

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