Hot New Hair Color Trend: Nordic White

When the weather starts to warm up, people tend to start wanting to lighten their hair up, too. Going blonde for summer is nothing new, salons are packed with clients getting highlights and lightening their locks, but some color chameleons are taking platinum to the next level and are going full-on icy white. As in a head full of white-white hair.

Colorist Daniel Tetreault, aka @HairLikeaBoss on Instagram, recently showed off one of his clients already-blonde strands being transformed to a Nordic-style white shade. He says the process “Takes patience and consistency” and you’d better plan to be in that salon chair for a while because the results come from five- to eight-hour sessions, depending on what the hair is like to start with.

If you think you’d like to try this stark white hair color trend, colorist Nikki Ferrera warns that you have to consider your natural hair and skin tone first. She says this shade would look best on someone with fair or golden skin and hair that’s anywhere from light brown to the lightest blonde. So if your tresses are naturally chocolate brown, maybe skip this trend. And whatever you do, check with a salon first and don’t try this at home, this is a job for the pros.

Source: Glamour

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