Doggie Bridesmaid Dresses Exist, And They're Freakin' Adorable

A lot of people treat their dogs like they are part of the family, and because of that more and more couples couldn’t imagine tying the knot without their pooches being part of their big day. Well, now not only can your dog be part of your ceremony, they can get dolled up for the affair thanks to doggie bridesmaid dresses. 

That’s right, the Etsy seller Posh Paws Company has come out with a line of bridesmaids dresses for dogs, and they certainly look adorable. The dresses are available in 12 different colors, including cream, pale pink, and dark gray, and five different sizes. They are made of satin, and feature puffy sleeves, a big skirt, a bow at the waist and a matching hair bow.

And just like regular bridesmaid dresses they aren’t exactly cheap. In fact, the smallest size, XXS, goes for about $81, while a large sells for about $148. Plus your dog doesn’t always have to be the bridesmaid, and never the bride. Posh Paws also sells doggie wedding dresses that feature tulle and pearls, and costs between $175 and $228.

·And fancy outfits aren’t only for dogs in the bridal party. Also on Etsy, seller Creatture sells jackets and ties for your dog, so they can get dressed up for the ceremony as well. 

Source: Insider

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